“What might life be like with a truer alignment of physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual aspects of SELF? ” 

If this process actually worked, what would be different in my life?

Whether engaged in KAP, executive consulting, depth psychotherapy, or some combination, activating change depends on fierce CURIOSITY. The benefits of “inner work” emerge through the practice of new daily choices.

With increased connection and creativity, a new level of calm, clarity, and confidence may unfold.

Transformative “post-traumatic growth” entails both courage and radical compassion and we have been humbled by witnessing the strength of our clients.

It is a great privilege to safely guide people through this personally immersive, embodied, and experiential process.

Growth-in-Connection: TENETS

Wisdom stems from curiosity

Development​ means a commitment to ​continuous learning

Self-care is integral

Impactful change stems from receptivity to feedback and responsible risk-taking

Integration Group Series

Currently Enrolling

Level 1 Series

Therapeutic Small Groups:

Chronic Pain Process, Prep, and Integration

Dating in Today’s World

Couples Group

Level 2 Series

Therapeutic Group KAP

Complex Grief and Loss

Generational Cultural Trauma 

Living in Chronic Physiologic Pain

Level 3 Series

DayLong Workshops

New Grooves: Creative Expression and Somatic Articulation

Integration Group Series

Reach out with your interest in any of the following proposed future groups

  • Love and Loss, Family members of Dementia patients
  • Adults coping with a history of Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Chronic Pain 
  • Chronic Depression and Anxiety
  • Complex Grief
  • Disordered Anxiety 
  • Neurodivergence
  • Young Adult Men “Launching”​ ​
  • Men in MidLife Transition

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