From Old Ruts to New Grooves, Living with Chronic Physiologic Pain

Level 2 Group Series: (Includes KAP)

From Old Ruts to New Grooves, Living with Chronic Physiologic Pain

Small Clinical Group 12-week KAP series for a maximum of 8 people

Group lead: Jodie NewDelman, PsyD


This series provides a supportive space for individuals grappling with chronic psychologic pain. Topics include clarity versus emotionality around diagnosis, adverse medical and historical experiences, impacted relationships, co-occurring mood symptoms, mind-body approaches, the impact of context, and developing sustainable movement practices


Protocol: Telehealth and Marin County group spaces include 1:1 and group prep online, 3 group KAP dosing sessions, group integration, 1:1 integration, and facilitated peer support group.

Preparation, Ketamine 3 Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy sessions (as indicated via medical clearance) and Integration

  • 12 weeks (24 total hours)
  • Hybrid (online and in person)
  • Limited to 8 participants
  • Cost: $2000 (incl. $200 deposit + monthly invoicing
  • Insurance superbill reimbursable is based on clients’ plan
  • Medical clearance + Rx arranged as a separate fee

More Details
  • Members agree to respect the privacy & and confidence of other group members.
  • We are committed to inclusivity, respect, and support for all individuals.

*Special pricing for Optional in-person DAYLONG experiential integration workshop