“Impactful change requires active receptivity to feedback and responsible risk-taking”
~ Dr. Jodie NewDelman


Creatively Intelligent Leadership

Game-Changing Organizations

  • Elevate leadership and team effectiveness
  • Offset the high cost of attrition and poor role cohesion
  • Enhance productivity and cultural quality
  • Develop High-Functioning Teams


  • Conflict Responsiveness

  • Performance over Performative
  • Conscious Management, and Strategy

  • Leadership Article: Altered states of leadership
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  • Operationalize Integrative CoCare for chronic pain, oncology, palliative care, and treatment-resistant conditions

  • Implement Experiential Medicine

  • Whole-Healthcare Industry and Clinical Advising



Pragmatic leaders examine systemwide practices, critical relationships, and human behavior


  • A human-centered system converts blockage to flow
  • Job satisfaction grows as employees operate “at the top” of their skillsets​
  • Exploring stakeholder dissatisfaction is daunting and high-value
  • Impact flourishes with mindful leadership


 “As a supervisor, Jodie makes an honest appraisal of her experience and passes on what she has learned from challenges and successes. I loved her warm and collegial style, which made me feel safe to be transparent and vulnerable.”

L.T. (supervised Clinician)

“The integrated behavioral healthcare space is complex. Dr. NewDelman brings a depth of ecosystem understanding while maintaining patient welfare as her number one priority. As the leader of our product development and clinical design team, she is also a regular contributor to outreach efforts with her fundamental marketing acumen. A colleague with clarity of thought and writing, she takes a confidence-inspiring lead in customer conferences, helps grow our strategic partnerships, and provokes important internal process improvements. A veteran psychologist with a progressive mindset, she challenges us to align our products with best practices and attunes us to the technological needs of our clinical customers.”

Dave Haddick, CEO, PsycheAnalytics