Healing Personal Relationships Impacted by Political Polarization

Healing Personal Relationships Impacted by Political Polarization

PsychotherapeuticGroup for Support, Process & Integration



This group provides a therapeutic space to explore the impacts of political polarization on important relationships, in an effort to rebuild a greater sense of connection with others. Rather than debating political solutions, we will focus on developing understanding to inform constructive responses when engaging with strongly-held beliefs. Through the group integration process, we will identify ways to work with rigid patterns, cognitive distortions, and biases to create greater flexibility and harmony, while still preserving individual values and affirm healthy emotional boundaries. In this way, group members may find pathways to bridge the divide between loved ones who find themselves with differing values or beliefs.


Group Leader: Ryan

  • 8 weeks
  • week night
  • 90 minutes
  • Online
  • Limited to 8 max participants
  • $70 per session*
  • $65 per session if paid in full in advance
  • Insurance reimbursable based on plan

More Details
  • We are committed to inclusivity, respect, and support for all individuals.
  • Members agree to respect the privacy & and confidence of other group members.

*Special pricing for Optional in-person DAYLONG experiential integration workshop