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Our mission is to shift contemplation into meaning, to help clients elevate their purpose, and to support choices that align with deeply held values. When clients essensuate, they lean into their most authentic nature. Through our trusted alliance, all aspects of life’s prior experience and future intention are relevant. The unfolding process explores physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual dimensions and is focused on engaging innate wisdom.

Our Values

Commitment to Curiosity and Compassion

Confidence through Creative Intelligence and Highly Personalized Support

Courageous and Authentic Connection to Self and Others

Responding to Challenges with Calmness, Clarity, and Candor

Growth in Connection

The manifestation of your most important personal, social, and professional goals requires your attention.

We can help.

Transformation surfaces the stories of life. Clients often rediscover blocked inherent strengths and natural abilities. Clarifying historical relational patterns and reconciling core wounds is referred to as the “inner work” that makes space for meaningful change and healing. Contextualized psychotherapy calls for commitment (and recommitment) to self-awareness, deep curiosity, cognitive flexibility, and openness to self-compassion.

Each team member brings their own sensibility. Yet we all maintain that our clients hold deep inner intelligence. By mapping out your situation, we will explore the factors within your power to control and highlight the path to your essential nature.

Together, we will make it to the other side… It’s better over there!​

Essensuate Origins

Capabilities developed over Two decades


Dr. Jodie NewDelman, became a licensed psychologist in 1999. Since then, she’s delivered conscious leadership advising and coaching, healthcare integration and organizational consulting, court testimony, and psychological services in hospitals, universities, forensic settings, communities, schools, and private practice.

Over the years, Dr. Jodie has maintained a steadfast commitment to contextual, bio-psycho-social frameworks that are key to strength-based interventions. In that vein, she has served in various roles including Cummings Graduate Institute Advisory Board member, Chief Clinical Officer for PsycheAnalytics, a technology company building digital clinical decision support triage tools for primary and behavioral healthcare, and as a founding Board Member of LitSmart, a harm reduction startup that prepares legal cannabis consumption sites for patron safety.  

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As a team leader, she supports her staff to hone their own essential gifts while emphasizing the core values of client-centered practice. As a supervisor, her colleagues and trainees are encouraged foremost to commit to continuous growth and self-awareness as the root of their transformative delivery of psychiatric, neurobehavioral, cognitive, developmental, and healthcare integration psychotherapy. 

Both entrepreneurial and science-minded, Dr. Jodie is passionate about research and innovation, particularly in the realm of the human capacity to adjust, learn, and adapt. With an eye for best practices, accountability, and strategic implementation, she is a high-touch partner supporting the goals of her clients and other stakeholders through interpersonal effectiveness.

Dr. Jodie NewDelman has a BA in both Psychology and Public Relations from American University, Washington, D.C., and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. She completed her post-doctoral work at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute with an international team of medical geneticists and psychology researchers investigating heritability factors in ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

Her predoctoral research activities at Loyola focused on the neuropsychological underpinnings of developmental, behavioral, and learning disorders. Heavily influenced by predoctoral and early career forensic clinical services work, Dr. Jodie has been consistent over three decades in her advocacy for cultural equity and access to mental health care. She has been a vocal activist highlighting issues pertaining to the long-term impact of early trauma on the mind and body.

As a long-standing volunteer at the California Film Institute, she has moderated panels on mental health and has helped cultivate experiential youth film programs on social justice and the environment. Supporting innovative learning at the community level has been a long-term passion. 

​Dr. Jodie is personally committed to lifelong learning and creativity.  When not “thinking about thinking,” she can often be found immersed in live music, independent films, experiential dance, downhill skiing, cooking, and charting novel travel excursions with her family in urban and countryside spaces.

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