Jodie Newdelman, PsyD


Clinical Psychologist, Conscious Leadership, Organizational Advisor, Integrative Practice and Healthcare Consultant

Location:  California  

Languages:   English  

License:  Doctor of Psychology, #27963




I believe you are an expert in your own life and potential. Together, we will navigate the complexities of your emotions, unleashing your true essence through a process I call ‘essensuating.’ Using the power of music and dance, we tap into your personal resonance, transforming your mindset and relationships. My approach integrates somatic experiencing, Internal Family Systems, CBT, ACT, and psycho-education, tailored to your unique journey.




Our clients, including emerging leaders, professionals, teens/families, and pain patients, embark on a transformative journey to face feeling ‘stuck,’ deepen awareness, access creativity, and bravely transform their mindset. Interdisciplinary collaboration is a priority, enhancing the effectiveness of psychiatric or physical/medical symptom treatments.

We start with a whole-person assessment that surfaces cultural, biological, psychological, and social factors and develop a solution-focused integrated care plan. With eligible clients, we offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in conjunction with my prescribing partners. Regardless of format, our style is collaborative, solution-focused, and aimed at provoking transformation through the “unburdening” one’s essential nature. Dedicated to the advancement of precision healthcare, we customize client-centered relationships to best foster deep personal work. Our methods are rooted in neuroscience and capable of delivering physical, social, organizational, and spiritual benefits. 

As a veteran clinician and supervisor, I feel honored to help others acquire more satisfaction and acceptance in their lives, make meaningful shifts, build sustainable long-term practices, and ultimately enable their ascent to “self-leadership.”


Outside the Clinical Setting:    


When not working, I am passionate about dancing, skiing, cooking, exploring independent films, and planning unique travel experiences with my family.


Specialty Areas of Care:  

  • Emerging Leaders and Professionals

  • Teens/Families

  • Pain Patients


Therapy Modalities:  

  • Attachment-based approaches

  • Internal Family Systems

  • Somatic Experience/Pain Reprocessing Therapy

  • CBT

  • ACT


Education and Experience:  

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology

  • Post-doctoral position at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute

  • BA in Public Communication and Psychology, American University, Washington, D.C.

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