A Call for a Convergence Summit

In an era of siloed disciplines, it’s time we cross-pollinated the fields devoted to human wellbeing. From the somatic arts and therapeutic movement practices to the frontiers of neuroscience, creative technology, and nature-based design, we are unlocking new insights into the pathways of healing and wholeness. But too often these realms operate in parallel tracks, unaware of the potent synergies waiting to be catalyzed.

It is through an integrative melding of modalities – of spine-tingling music and conscious dance, virtual realms and contemplative practices, neuroplastic rewiring, and feng shui’s sacred geometries – that we will glimpse radical new horizons for psychosomatic restoration. At the core, we know that trauma violates our primordial capacities for trust, attunement and feeling safely embodied. The antidote must reclaim these birthrights through a multi-sensory tap root into our evolutionary belongingness.

No single lens is sufficient to steward such a re-membering of our integrated selves. We require a complementary merging of art’s archetypal catharsis, neurobiology’s remapping of neural circuits and the ancient codes of wholeness patterned in nature’s designs. Like a prism’s refractions coalescing into rainbowed unity, our collective wisdom streams must enter novel convergences to midwife the next renaissance of human blossoming.

Therefore, we call for a vanguard Convergence Summit to initiate these generative Interactions across domains. Through immersive skill-crossings, paradigm-bridging dialogues and experiential artfulness, we shall zazen the inter-being of a new integrated praxis. One whose quintessence transmits the frequencies of healing that allow us to re-story our pain into poetry, re-enchant our technologies with animating soulfulness, and re-emplace ourselves as creature lysensual amongst the wider ecology of the living earth.

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